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Internet Admedia is CPM online advertising solution thatoffers publishers free, flexible and fluent opportunity to earn revenue bysimply incorporating CPM targeted contextual advertising banners on theirwebsites or blogs.

Why join us?

To get the following benefits:

Free signup:

You can sign up now. It's free and easy to use.

Guaranteed revenue:

We work with qualitative advertisers so we can deliverhigh quality relevant ads, resulting in more revenue for you. Get paid for everyvalid Impression. Get payments every 15 days with only a INR 3000 minimumpayout. You can choose to get paid with Cheque, Demand Draft (DD), OnlineTransfer (Net Banking), PayPal.

Free quality support:

Get full free support by phone, email, and even throughlive support. Special account managers will be available for you.

Referral program:

Get up to 10% referral revenue up to 10 Level for lifelong time once after referring Publishers or Advertisers to Internet Admedia'snetwork. For details see Publisher FAQs.

Competitive rates:

You can receive up to 70% of the ad income. Get the moneyyou deserve with revenue sharing program.

Greater control:

You have control over the Categories (like: Adult,Non-Adult or Both) and types of ads that can appear on your pages.

Perfect reports:

You can see the perfect reports with all details live.

How it works?

Make your ad spaces available:

You make your websites or blogs spaces available to pastead codes where you want the ads to appear.

Generate ad code:

You generate new ad codes and paste on your websites orblogs where spaces available.

Ads appear on your site:

Our advertisers bid to show in your ad spaces in a realtime auction and the highest paying relevant ad(s) will show on your websitesor blogs.

Get paid:

On the basis of each valid impression your revenuegenerates and you get paid via Cheque, Demand Draft (DD), Online Transfer (NetBanking), PayPal.

Publishers FAQ

Our publisher team has put together a list of FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQ) about Internet Admedia Publisher to help new publishersunderstand our services better. Here is a list of some of the top questionsthat we have received. If you have additional questions, please feel free tocontact us.

1. What is Internet Admedia Publisher?

Internet Admedia Publisher is a simple and tension freetool that allows publishers of all types of sites (Adult, Non-Adult or Bothwith any languages) and sizes to earn money by displaying Internet Admedia adson targeted websites (domain or sub-domain) that they own.

2. Are there any fees to become a Publisher of InternetAdmedia?

No. It’s 100% free and will be.

3. How does Internet Admedia Publisher work?

Internet Admedia uses the latest contextual onlineadvertising solution technology which helps to allow publishers to display PureCPM Ad(s) related to their website content. In order to display InternetAdmedia Ad(s) on your website(s), Internet Admedia scans your website forkeywords (words or phrases). Advertisements with the same keywords will bechosen to display on your website(s). With more relevant ads displayed onpublishers’ website(s), the higher the Click Through Rate (CTR) which helps ouradvertisers to get more Return On Investment (ROI). Internet Admedia offerscustomization features that give publisher(s) many options to choose from, suchas different ad categories (Adult, Non-Adult, Both), ad size, colors, andformats to satisfy their needs.

4. What kind of ads does Internet Admedia provide?

Internet Admedia provides CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)banner and rich media ads.

5. How is Internet Admedia calculating the EffectiveCPM (eCPM) rate?

Internet Admedia calculates on the basis of the formulathat gives the Effective CPM (eCPM) rate is:

6. How much can I earn?

Publisher can get paid 50%-70% of advertising revenuegenerated by the website(s). The actual rates may vary depending on websiteperformance and market conditions. Site categories, keyword(s), chosen ad(s)type, ad(s) size(s) and geographic location of your site(s) traffic levels canalso play a part in determining your overall revenue potential.

7. Is there any Extra Earning or Rewards?

Yes, in addition, Internet Admedia has an excellentReferral Reward(s) for publisher(s) and/or advertiser(s) who successfullypromoted other(s) to join Internet Admedia Online advertising solution.

Regular Reward(s):

By Referring Publisher(s):

You can earn up to 10% commission from earned revenue ofdirect or indirect down line referral(s) up to 10 Level for life time. Forexample: 

You refer A, A refers B and B refers C. 

C earns Rs. 100.00 then B will get Rs. 10.00

B earns Rs. 10.00 then A will get Rs. 1.00

A earns Rs. 1.00 then You will get Rs. 0.10

By Referring Advertiser(s):

You can earn up to 10% commission from invested cost orearned revenue of direct or indirect down line referral(s) up to 10 Level forlife time. For example: 

You refer A, A refers B and B refers C. 

C invests Rs. 100.00 to advertise then B will get Rs.10.00

B earns Rs. 10.00 then A will get Rs. 1.00

A earns Rs. 1.00 then You will get Rs. 0.10

The Best Reward(s):

On the basis of your performance for Internet Admedia,you may get The Best Performer Reward(s) within a week, month or year likeMobile, Bike, Car, Free National Tour Package, Free International Tour Package,etc. 

8. How can my website(s) be approved?

No need to be waited for site approval. If your site(s)(domain or sub-domain) is (are) as per Internet Admedia Publisher Terms andConditions, you can generate the ad(s) code for that particular site(s) or usethe generated ad(s) code to run the ad(s) by putting the code on that site(s).

9. How will I get paid?

You will be paid via PayPal, Check, Demand Draft (DD),Online Transfer (Net Banking) in Indian Rupees (INR). For details visit “ReadMore” page in 'Request Payment' form once after logged in.

10. When will I get paid?

Internet Admedia pays twice in a month on the basis ofrequest of users. You have to request a payment on 1st and 16th of the month. InternetAdmedia publisher payments are sent on a Net 15 schedule. For example, revenuethat you earn on January 1st would be sent to you on January 16th But generallywe process payments within less than 72 hours so that you may also get thepayment by January 3rd, 4th, 5th,…..or say before the date according to thequeue of publishers and selected payment method but January 16th will be last.

11. What makes Internet Admedia different from otherad networks?

Internet Admedia is having ideal types of marketing andadvertising business solutions which will help you get the most from revenuepotential of your site(s). Internet Admedia delivers banner and rich media ads,easy to read, relevant to the content of your pages on the basis of keywords. InternetAdmedia provides CPM Ads so that no need to be worried about somebody willclick or not to increase yours earning potential. Filter out unwanted ads foryour site(s). Internet Admedia is so quick and easy for publishers to getstarted. No need any more technical knowledge. Internet Admedia provides youwith a few lines of HTML code to add to any of your web pages of your site(s)(domain or sub-domain) which match Publisher’s Terms and Conditions. InternetAdmedia accepts all types of sites like Adult, Non Adult or having bothcontents with any languages which match Internet Admedia Publisher’s Terms andConditions. In a moment the Internet Admedia ad(s) on your pages, generatingmore advertising revenue. Our codes are clear and fast. No viruses, malware,redirects or pop ups.

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