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Internet Admedia is CPM online advertising solution that allows advertisers to serve ads directly to the consumers, based on goal. No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on our advertising network. Internet Admedia Advertisers may get fast growth in their business and earning revenue because Internet Admedia believes that the consumers are everything for your business and Internet Admedia's latest technology delivers your ads to the relevant consumers at the right time. Pay only when people see your ads not for any click on your ads.

Why advertise with us?

Target Online Relevant Consumers:

To get the highest Return On Investment (ROI) by reaching to your most relevant consumers at right time with our targeting features as given below:

Geographic Targeting:

Choose any city, state, country or world to advertise your business at any time.

Demographic Targeting:

Create a campaign with interested category like Adult, Non-Adult.

Keyword Targeting:

Check minimum and maximum bid value for and choose highly relevant keywords for each ad group in one campaign; our system automatically matches them and runs your ads based on these keywords.


Focus your ad budget on consumers who have visited your site before - it’s more likely that they are interested in your product! You can choose from a minute to hours to retarget your consumers from the same IP.

Language Targeting:

To expand your business, you can target ads to populations of different dialects to cover a more global reach. You may do so in a very simple way just by choosing and inputting your targeted language(s) keyword(s).

Device Targeting:

We believe that the consumers can come from anywhere by using any device(s). We let you show your ad(s) on all devices, such as Mobile Phones, Laptops/Desktops, Tablets, etc.

Greater Control:

Set and adjust your daily budget anytime with no minimum spending requirement. You can edit your ads and adjust your budget until you get the results that you want. You can also display a variety of ad formats and even target your ads to specific languages and geographic locations. Payment options Internet Admedia Recharge Card, Cheque, Demand Draft (DD), Online Transfer (Net Banking), PayPal, Credit Card.

Perfect Reports:

We believe that a perfect report may play a vital role to develop a business. You can see the perfect reports about your all CPM campaign(s), ad group(s) and keyword(s) on the basis of selected city, state,country, etc. You pay only for impression which is most cheap and effective to develop your business. No need to pay for any click. Through our CPM online advertising solution you may get more click and consumers but you pay only and only for impression.

Get 100% Free of Cost Listing, Impressions and Clicks from Best Item Search:

Your ad(s) will be appeared in the “Best Item Search” of on the basis of your bid value for the searched keyword(s). You may get 100% free of cost, listing, impressions and clicks from the searched result in Best Item Search for your ad(s). Internet Admedia will never charge for any impressions or clicks for your ad(s) shown in searched result in the “Best Item Search” page.

How it works?

Create Your Advertisements:

Create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.

Review and Approve:

Please wait for approval which will be completed within 24 hours.

Make Payment or Add Funds:

Once after or before approval of your ad(s) you can make payment or add funds via Internet Admedia Recharge Card, Cheque, Demand Draft (DD), Online Transfer (Net Banking), PayPal, Credit Card.

You Attract Consumers:

Click on running button to run and get impressions on your ad(s). Your ad(s) are displayed on the publisher content network.Potential consumers (or customers) can simply see and click on your relevant ad(s) to make a purchase or learn more about you.

Advertisers FAQ

Our advertiser team has put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Internet Admedia Advertisers to help new advertisers understand our services better. Here is a list of some of the top questions and answers. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. What is Contextual Online advertising solution?

Internet Admedia is a contextual online advertising solution based on content targeting. Contextual online advertising solution is a form of targeted advertising for advertisements appearing on website(s).Advertisements are selected and served by automated system based on the relevancy of the contents and keywords of the specific website(s). It also helps improve the users’ overall online experiences because they will only see ads relevant to the content on the website(s). It may maximize the earning potentials of both advertisers and publishers as the ads are more targeted to what the users (viewers) are searching and looking for and thus the ads are more likely to get clicked on. It helps to maximize Click Through Rate (CTR)and Return on Investment (ROI) for advertisers.

2. What is CPM Advertising?

In CPM Advertising, CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impressions for an ad. As an advertiser you can set your desire price per thousand ad impressions and impressions are counted whenever your ad is viewed by the users, whether they click on the ad or not.

3. Why should I choose only Internet Admedia?

Internet Admedia may become an accelerator of your business. Internet Admedia is an online advertising solution. Internet Admedia uses the latest contextual advertising technologies. Internet Admedia always thinks and does as the same by considering about the ROI of advertisers. Internet Admedia always practices to maximize ROI of advertisers. Internet Admedia stands for only CPM Advertising because all over the web and media CPM Advertising is cheap, best and most useful in comparing the relative efficiency of different advertising opportunities and in evaluating the costs of overall campaigns. By the reason of Internet Admedia, you can get more and more customers who help to increase your ROI then business. 

You can advertise all over the web through Internet Admedia. You can target your customers for specific age (adult, non adult),city, region, country or all over the world according to your business requirements. You can fix the real time bid value as Default CPM. You can check the minimum and maximum bidding values of each keyword or phrase before fixing the real time bid value as Default CPM. You can change, stop, delete and run the ad(s) at anytime. You can set the retargeting customers in minutes or hours at any time. You can set the budget and keyword or phrase Ad group(s) wise. You can check your reports at real time. You can run your ad(s) within a few minute(s) by paying quick and easy through Internet Admedia Recharge Card.

4. How does Internet Admedia Advertiser work?

Internet Admedia uses the latest contextual online advertising solution technology which helps to allow advertisers to display Pure CPM Ad(s) related to their website content. In order to display Internet Admedia Ad(s) on your website(s), Internet Admedia scans your website for keywords (words or phrases). Advertisements with the same keywords will be chosen to display on your website(s). With more relevant ads displayed on publishers’ website(s), the higher the Click Through Rate (CTR) which helps our advertisers to get more Return On Investment (ROI). Internet Admedia offers customization features that give publisher(s) many options to choose from, such as different ad categories (Adult, Non-Adult), ad size, colors, and formats to satisfy their needs.

5. How can I send a payment in order to start running my ad campaign?

You can pay via Internet Admedia Recharge Card, Cheque, Demand Draft (DD), Online Transfer (Net Banking), PayPal, Credit Card (By using PayPal). For details please visit “Read More” page in 'Payment Detail' form once after logged in.

6. What is minimum cost?

Minimum Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM): Only INR 100.00.

7. Where will my ads appear?

Your ad(s) will appear on the content sites within Internet Admedia’s network and the search network. Our latest technology scans our publisher’s content on the base of keywords which ensures that your ad(s) are placed only on the specific page that contains content targeted to your audiences. 

8. How long will it take for my ad(s) to run in Internet Admedia?

After account sign up, you can start creating your Campaign(s), Ad group(s) and Ad(s). Once created and submitted your Ad(s), it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours for your ad(s) to start running in Internet Admedia. Internet Admedia reviews the submitted ad(s)before approving them, and while your ad(s) are in queue to be reviewed, your ad status will show as unverified. Internet Admedia needs to review all ads to ensure that advertisers are honoring their terms and conditions laid out by Internet Admedia. Internet Admedia review process usually just takes a few minutes and normally, your ad(s) will be approved by Internet. Sometimes it does take 48 hours, depending on the number of ad(s) submitted to the system and whether your ad(s) are as per Internet Admedia Advertisers’s terms and conditions or not.

9. How does Internet prevent fraud?

Internet Admedia’s advanced and latest online advertising technology analyzes every click and impression to determine whether they are valid and quality traffic or fraud and artificially generated. The system automatically identifies and filters all invalid traffic(s) in the real time based on the visiting. To ensure the accuracy of the validation system, our traffic control specialists’ team uses a different signals including click and impression for all the traffic on a daily basis. Any suspicious traffic(s) are removed and credited back to our advertiser(s)’s account balance.

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